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Information technology

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About us

Monaco IQ is managed by Lydia Porter and Doug Boit.


Do you want to research trade and industry in Monaco?

You can browse our collection of links and information sources to get your research started. The tourist industry is obviously important, but wholesale and retail trades generate the largest turnover, and the real estate, rental and business services sector provides the most number of jobs.

Click on the industries below for more information.

Information sources

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Besides the major sectors of industry that make up Monaco's economy, the Principality is internationally known for certain prestigious activities. Many of these are centred around annual events that reflect the interests of the ruling Grimaldi family. Others have grown from the the leisure activities enjoyed by the first wealthy visitors who made Monaco their home in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The glamour and prestige these activities represent support the economy of the Principality by projecting the luxury image of Monaco around the world.


The infrastructure of Monaco - to help decide whether to be in business here.sea-reflectionsea-reflection

Reports and ideas

At Monaco IQ we believe that the way enterprises manage knowledge and use technology has a great impact on their success.

However, we don't just advise others what to do, we also put that advice into practice ourselves. We carry out research for our own business, create information based websites to share our knowledge, and experiment with new technologies.

Our own intellectual capital constantly increases, and we share some of it with you here.

maBoum website

We created the maBoum website for ourselves.

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Economic structure

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