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Top Downloads for New Mac Users

The following is a list of software I wish I'd known about when I first got my new Mac. Most of it is free (except for the last section). It's a personal list and biased towards my own activities (mainly technical), however, many of the items should be useful to any Mac user.

I'd also highly recommend the Missing Manual books by David Pogue.

I've marked essential items with a star.


This page contains frequently asked questions, advice and links for researching the business environment in and around Monaco and Monte Carlo. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an experienced business manager, we hope you find the information below useful. If you need some more specific or in-depth help with your business research, then please contact us.

Business Research Services

This analysis is based on Connor and Davidson (1997) and my understanding of "opportunity costs". There need not be an entry under every heading.

On behalf of my client, my business research service will:

Improve or enhance

Information for decision making

Reduce, relieve or eliminate

Time spent googling and browsing, uncertainty about the existence of specific data, the risk of using unreliable and invalid information (for example Wikipedia)




Identify, develop or install

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Core services

Here follows a list of our core services. We can undertake complete projects on your behalf if necessary. We don't expect you to believe we can do everything ourselves. So, we use a small group of professional partners to do the things we're not very good at - like graphic design.

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