Lydia Porter
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Lydia Porter

Lydia Porter has over 20 years of research experience, working with several leading strategy consultants, health organizations and business research services in the UK. She has worked on major projects for multi-national, blue chip companies, investigating all aspects of client industries, using competitive intelligence to guide strategic decision-making.

Before establishing Monaco IQ to provide business intelligence services for enterprises here in Monaco, she was with Booz Allen Hamilton. There, she specialized in researching all stages of the energy value chain, from upstream exploration and production, through transport and storage, processing and trading, to retailing and services.

Most recently Lydia taught research and communication at the International University of Monaco, a skill that grew naturally from designing and giving training courses for consultants and other business professionals throughout her career.

Additionally, she has extensive experience in managing knowledge and information services, working with organizations to develop solutions for capturing, storing, and using intellectual capital. Today that involves exploring commercial applications for the semantic web.

For her post-graduate thesis, Lydia specialized in quality assurance and standards applied to information services. Over the years this academic interest in applying the principles of quality has been integrated into her approach to business.

She holds a BA in French & German from the University of Wales, and is a qualified librarian.

In setting up Monaco IQ, Lydia capitalizes on her experience as a researcher and combines that with her skills in organizing information effectively. This gives her a unique understanding of how to build and maintain user friendly, content rich information systems for the web.