Heated debate over 2009 budget

Odeon Tower causes problems for amending the budget.

Construction continues

From whichever direction you approach Monaco, one of the first things you notice are the cranes. There's always something being built.

Although there was some consternation when Prince Albert announced the suspension of the planned land reclamation into the sea, that certainly didn't apply to other construction work. Quai Kennedy, the new luxury apartment building overlooking the F1 circuit and the port is completed, and next door, the Yacht Club work will start afresh after the Grand Prix race ends.

Prestigious skyscraper for Monaco

The only way is up, as the Principality decides to build into the sky rather than out into the sea.

Land reclamation models on view

It's a pity Monaco's land extension into the sea isn't going ahead, but that doesn't mean you can't take a look at the proposals. From now until 6 February, the Grimaldi Forum is exhibiting models of all the plans except those of Norman Foster's group. Entry is free.

In the news this week...

Land reclamation, Mecaplast, National Council session, economic agreement with Luxembourg

Land reclamation

The big news story this week was the suspension of the project to reclaim land from the sea. In a press conference on Wednesday morning, the government confirmed that further environmental studies would be made in 2009 to ensure there'd be no negative effects on the marine eco system. In addition, the Minister of State said it made good sense to delay the project in the current economic climate.

Land reclamation put on hold

Monaco's land reclamation project has been suspended. According to reports, HSH Prince Albert II yesterday announced that it would be irresponsible to go ahead without sufficient environmental safeguards. In addition, the current economic climate requires much more secure guarantees for project financing, something we reported would be reviewed before announcing the winning team. More details are expected to be released this morning during a government press conference.

Land reclamation plans continue to develop

The Minister of State for Monaco announced in a press statement at the end of September that the planned land extension into the sea would go ahead.

Five plans have been short listed and financing is now being reviewed. It's expected that the winning team will be announced some time between Christmas this year and February 2009 and it's also hoped that a Monegasque company will be involved.

Work starts on new Yacht Club

If you've visited Monte Carlo over summer, you can't fail to have noticed the new Yacht Club construction on the south side of Port Hercule. Work began on the site a few months ago, with the foundations of an underground 150 space car park. Above ground, the interior and exterior is expected to evoke images of a transatlantic voyage on a luxury liner, and will include thermal and photovoltaic solar panels, and use natural products from sustainable resources. The building has been designed by architects from the world renowned Norman Foster Group, and Monegasque architect Alexandre Giraldi.

Building luxury

Now that the luxury travel exhibition and the luxury spa exhibition have packed up their stands, it's the turn of the luxury building and interior design conference. The Batilux event will start on Friday 25 January and will run until Monday 28 January. Exhibitors will be presenting some of the most luxurious and beautiful building materials, as well as environmentally friendly products and ideas for sustainable construction.

New housing construction on track

This week the official Monaco Government website reported that Prince Albert II visited one of the new housing construction sites in the Condamine area of Monaco. The building is being carried out on reclaimed railway track and the most recent project is scheduled to provide 87 units for the local Monegasques. Due to the limited size of Monaco, land is at a premium, and so wherever buildings can be constructed, they are.

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