Monaco is 4th most stable and prosperous country

A British company has listed Monaco as the 4th most prosperous and stable country. According to a report in the Times newspaper, Jane's Information Group carried out research into 235 countries and dependent territories. A number of criteria were used to rank the countries, including political structure, social and economic trends, military and security risks and external relations. Monaco scored 98 out of a possible 100 points.

UPM take their seats again

Those of us who were fast asleep at 2.30 on Monday morning would have been forgiven for thinking that the Monaco football team had just won a major victory. Suddenly, the streets were filled with cars beeping their horns, as the majority party of the past 5 years celebrated a second term in office. With 20 seats out of 24, the UPM party won the election for the National Council of Monaco, the remaining 4 seats being taken by Rassemblement et Enjeux (REM). Just under 77% of the electorate turned out, 1504 of whom voted for the complete list of UPM's 24 candidates, against 1248 for REM.

Three lists for the National Council

On Friday afternoon, three lists of candidates for election to Monaco's National Council were confirmed. As expected, the current ruling party Union pour Monaco (UPM), and the opposition alliance Rassemblement & Enjeux, both fielded the full 24 candidates. Monaco Ensemble's list contained just 15 candidates, and the Parti Monegasque pulled out their 13 candidates at the last minute. It's now up to the 7600 Monegasque nationals to cast their votes on Sunday 3 February.

Opposition party gets 15 together

The Monaco Ensemble alliance has finalized its list of candidates for election to the National Council in two weeks time. There are just 15 names after Stephan Bruno of the Synergie Monegasque party stepped down, citing as his reasons that he wishes to remain true to his own values and that he can serve his country better by not standing.

Parti Monegasque bow out

Yesterday the Parti Monegasque announced on their website that they wouldn't be taking part in the elections for the National Council this year. Last week, we reported that they'd decided not to be part of the list of Rassemblement et Enjeux, the alliance of RPM and Valeurs et Enjeux. The reason cited was that the Parti Monegasque would not be properly represented, since only four of their candidates would have been listed as part of the alliance. They also refused to join Monaco Ensemble.

Opposition party targets youth and environment

The opposition party alliance of Rassemblement et Enjeux held a public meeting on Monday evening to voice their dissatisfaction with the UPM's leadership of the National Council over the past 5 years. Although the election campaign doesn't officially start until Saturday 26 January, the party announced some of the items that will be on the political agenda if they're elected. In contrast to the UPM's interests, many of the issues revolve around the environment and young people, and include:

Building luxury

Now that the luxury travel exhibition and the luxury spa exhibition have packed up their stands, it's the turn of the luxury building and interior design conference. The Batilux event will start on Friday 25 January and will run until Monday 28 January. Exhibitors will be presenting some of the most luxurious and beautiful building materials, as well as environmentally friendly products and ideas for sustainable construction.

Leading party first off the mark

On Wednesday evening, the Union Pour Monaco (UPM) presented a taste of things to come if they're re-elected to the National Council in February. On this website, we're particularly interested in their proposals to improve life for the business community of the Principality. Some of the projects which were presented for the 2008-2013 session are to:

  • Make it easier to create new enterprises.
  • Allow the self employed (apart from shopkeepers) and non-salaried to obtain premises in the local estates.
  • Work towards a law against harassment at work.

Births, marriages, divorces and deaths

Local newspaper Monaco Matin reports today on key demographic statistics for the Principality in 2007.

Spa conference this weekend

Tomorrow sees the opening of the 3rd Monaco Spa Event. There are three days of conferences, workshops, exhibitions and most importantly, networking for those involved in the luxury spa and wellness industry. It's just what's needed after the excesses of the Christmas and New Year festivities.

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