Government submits modernization bill

Legislation to modernize public administration should provide a system suited to Monaco's current and future requirements.

Michel Bouquier joins team responsible for boosting Monaco's attractiveness

Bouquier pour l’attractivité

Michel Bouquier recently handed over the leadership of Monaco's Direction du Tourisme to Guillaume Rose.

Government caution in face of deficit

Monaco's Government reported a slow recovery last week.

Head of Government speaks to press

Earlier this week Michel Roger was guest speaker at Monaco's Press Club.

Michel Roger meets the mayor

The new Minister of State continues his program of meetings with Monegasque institutions.

Eco-friendly civil service

The Department of the Environment launches its action plan for an environmentally friendly administration.

Michel Roger meets the press

Promises press freedom and regular meetings with Monaco's journalists.

New Minister of State

Michel Roger officially took over the office of Minister of State yesterday.

Government department reorganization

Two services renamed and reorganized.

Government and parliament changes

Prince Albert II announces a new Minister of State and a new Government councilor.

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