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In the news this week...

Land reclamation, Mecaplast, National Council session, economic agreement with Luxembourg

Land reclamation

The big news story this week was the suspension of the project to reclaim land from the sea. In a press conference on Wednesday morning, the government confirmed that further environmental studies would be made in 2009 to ensure there'd be no negative effects on the marine eco system. In addition, the Minister of State said it made good sense to delay the project in the current economic climate.

Monaco supports fight against money laundering

This week the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco is playing host to finance professionals from around the world who are trying to fight money laundering. The Joint Experts Meeting on Typologies is hosting a series of workshops to discuss current money laundering and terrorist financing trends and techniques, and to exchange experience and best practices.

Monaco consulate general for the UK

The Consulate General of Monaco in the UK now has a website where you'll find contact details, a profile of the Consul General, and background information on Monaco. Prince Albert II was in London in October to launch the new consular service, which aims to change the image of the Principality in the UK and attract young, entrepreneurial British millionaires.

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