Buses to Nice in 2011

Buses from Monaco to Nice will terminate at new stops from January 2011.

Discord in the orchestra

Bosses and musicians try to find harmony.

Conseil National studies 2011 budget

The Autumn session of the Conseil National started on Friday, with the first of 4 meetings to discuss the provisional 2011 budget.

Helicopter crash in Roya Valley

Last Tuesday a Heli Air Monaco helicopter crashed in the Roya Valley, resulting in the death of the pilot and 2 passengers. Weather conditions caused the crash.

Grimaldi Forum saves energy

The Grimaldi Forum is working with SMEG to manage its energy consumption.

Education for peace and sport

The International University of Monaco (IUM) is launching a Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport (MSPS) next year.

Government rejects heritage protection proposal

On Monday evening the Minister of State announced that the Conseil National's proposed legislation to protect Monaco's cultural heritage would not be transformed into draft legislation.

Peaceful sporting achievements

Sporting industry rewarded for efforts to promote peace.

Monaco news in brief, 1-7 December 2010

Some stories we didn't cover.

Embassy for Order of Malta?

A new ambassadorial position may be created for the permanent representative of the Order of Malta in Monaco.

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