Grimaldi Forum saves energy

The Grimaldi Forum is working with SMEG to manage its energy consumption.

Monaco's convention centre obtained ISO 14001 for environmental management in October 2008 and is now working towards ISO 16001 certification for energy management systems. The Grimaldi Forum has enlisted the help of the Societe Monegasque de l'Electricite et du Gaz (SMEG) in its endeavor. Last week the two bodies signed a partnership agreement under which the utility company will provide energy reduction coaching and carry out an audit to identify possible ways to reduce energy consumption. Such a large operation is a first for SMEG, but it's something the utility company hopes to offer to others in 2011 after launching a campaign to raise energy consumption awareness among individuals and enterprises.

Since obtaining ISO 14001, the Grimaldi Forum has continued efforts to improve the efficiency of its infrastructure and services. During 2010 it celebrated its 10th anniversary as a business and cultural venue by investing 1 m euros on several projects:

  • Installing up to date AV equipment and digital technology
  • New communications campaign, challenging your imagination

    Including updated website and promotion of the venue for winter meetings.

  • Refreshing the interior public spaces

    Including new signs and a design project planned for 2011 to 2013 with a budget of 15 m euros, led by Czech Eva Jiricna and the Monegasque company of Christian Curau.

  • Updating the heating and ventilation system

    Up to summer 2010 the interior temperature of the building was regulated by sea water, which became less efficient as water temperature increased. A new system now uses underground water sources during summer, resulting in consistent air cooling whatever the sea temperature, energy reduction due to less use of pumps, and prolonged equipment life. Savings equate to around 60,000 Kwh, equivalent to the average annual electric consumption of 15 families in Europe

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