Calling all young entrepreneurs

The Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCEM) is organizing its 14th business creation competition.

Red arrows at Monaco Yacht Show

Created in 1995, the competition is for young entrepreneurs between 18 and 40 years old. The first of two prizes on offer is the Government Prize for the best project overall, worth 40,000 euros and a "Monaco Success Box" of goods and services. A second JCEM Prize is awarded for the best project submitted by a Monegasque or "Enfant du Pays" who will receive 21,000 euros.

A jury composed of 12 to 15 members from diverse business backgrounds will be judging the entries. Many of the past winners have submitted ideas based on sustainable development or environmentally friendly products and services, subjects of particular interest to Prince Albert. However, each entry is judged on its own merit, and if your dossier is good and your idea convincing, you'll have just as much chance of winning as anyone else.

According to one of the judges, it's important to get the financial details right, as well as the business activities. If you need some help preparing your entry, the JCEM are organizing a lunch at the Cafe de Paris on 8th October at which Sophie Thevenoux, the Government Counsellor for Finance and the Economy will be present.

Entries must be received by 15 October.