Banking education in Monaco

Once a student has completed the baccalaureat, he or she will often look to France or further afield to take up a university education. One alternative to leaving the Principality may be to study for a banking diploma.

The banking and finance industry is one of the most important sectors of Monaco's economy, so it makes sense for business leaders and government representatives to attract and retain highly qualified banking professionals. A special diploma has been created by the Institut Bancaire de Formation (IBF), requested by the youth division of the Service de l'Emploi of Monaco, and supported by the banking community in the form of the Association Monegasque des Activites Financieres (AMAF). This special diploma is open to students who have completed the baccalaureat plus 2 further years of study. The syllabus includes training not only in banking and related financial subjects, but also in European culture and English language.

The first 14 students graduated in October 2008, receiving the European Diploma of Higher Education (DEES) in Banking, specialising in Monegasque Banking at a special ceremony in December. It's been a great success for both the students and the industry that has sponsored them. 11 graduates are currently employed by banking enterprises in Monaco, 7 of them are still working for the establishment where they trained.