Roundup of construction work

Yesterday morning the Minister of State visited construction sites on the derelict SNCF land.

The Monaco Telecom news service published a round-up of construction projects on the land that was cleared after the railway line moved underground:

  • Prince Pierre Lot - future technical and hospitality secondary school, with an 8 level, 850 space car park beneath it
  • Rainier III Lot - first section of housing should be ready in February 2012, second phase ready in February 2013, totaling 237 lodgings
  • Canton Lot - a creche for 60 infants, 66 local authority lodgings, and storage for the multi-media library, ready mid 2013
  • Pasteur Lot - 1000 space car park below ground, with the future college (project manager to be announced soon) and a 120 room hotel above, should be ready in 2015-2016
  • Charles III Lot - 1000 space car park below ground, above ground undecided, perhaps an industrial zone, perhaps the future hospital,

With 2850 parking spaces on the Principality's western border with France, drivers are likely to be encourage to leave their cars before entering Monaco.

Derelict SNCF land : 2850 parking spaces under construction