Reform salaries, not pensions, say unions

Unionists, workers and pensioners answered a call to demonstrate last Wednesday afternoon.

Between 1100 and 1500 demonstrators turned out last week to defend salaries and pensions. Led by President of the Union des Syndicats de Monaco (USM) Betty Tambuscio, several groups converged at the Place Ste Devote and marched to Place d'Armes, where speakers denounced the effects of an "ultra-liberal" policy, pursued since the 1980s.

The demonstration provided an opportunity to once again highlight salaries in the Principality. Unionists are calling for the application of legislation and the publication of salary grades in Monaco's official journal. Since the 35 hour week was established in France in 1998, Monaco has retained a 39 hour week. Unionists claim that workers in the Principality are giving bosses 4 hours a week free labour, equivalent to a month per year. The USM also objects to the situation where workers can be given 48 hours' notice without reason.

In addition to employment legislation, the USM is speaking out against pension reforms, which it claims are unnecessary.

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UPDATE 24th November

Stephane Valeri has confirmed that there is no project to reform the pension system in Monaco. Speaking to Nice Matin newspaper after the demonstrations last week, he reiterated what he had said to the Conseil National regarding warning signs and Government action.

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