Masons and catholics don't mix

Monaco's Archbishop Barsi declares it's impossible to be both a Catholic and a free-mason.

Free masonry incompatible with catholicism according to Mr Barsi
It's not possible to simultaneously belong to the Catholic Church and be a free mason.

Archbishop Barsi was speaking after the official consecration at the weekend of a Grand Lodge in Monaco. The Lodge was created in March 2009 after the law on freedom of association was changed. However masons have been active in Monaco since 1811, under the name "Les Amis de l'Olivier du Midi". A regular English gathering has been tolerated for 86 years, and German masons have held meetings since 2000.

According to the Monaco Grand Master Jean-Pierre Pastor, the new lodge's membership is limited to Monegasques, the spouses of Monegasques who have been married for 5 years, or residents of at least 18 years. He insists that free-masonry is a philosophy, not a religion, and says that the lodge will work for the benefit of the Principality. Pastor has said that up to now they've received no resistance from the Catholic Church in Monaco.

Clean, healthy and non-business free-masonry

It's no surprise that the masons are active in Monaco where there are any number of exclusive clubs and associations that limit membership in one way or another.