Government outlines major construction plans

Following Michel Roger's announcement that the Government would be seeking public private partnerships for major construction work, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia (Counselor for Facilities, Environment and Urban Planning) outlined projects.

Pasteur Lot
Western side, a new college for 1500 students, also a waste recycling centre.
Eastern side, a 3 star hotel with around 100 rooms and an office complex, possibly using private funding.
The Salle du Canton may also be relocated to the Pasteur site, along with the new multi-media library or workshops for municipal services, the choice is to be made by the Mairie.

Testimonio II
A creche at the avenue Princesse Grace level and relocation of the International School. Site to also include private apartments, public housing, offices and parking.

Charles III (in front of the cemetery)
A tower with 60,000 m2 floor space for business use, with 1,000 parking spaces.

Fontvieille II
Land reclamation of 350,000 m2 maximum

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