Government IT to modernize

Two new Government departments are being created to improve IT and electronic administration.

The new departments are being created as part of the push to improve Monaco's attractiveness for business, respond to the needs of administrators, and modernize the State.

Direction de l'Administration Electronique et de l'Information aux Usagers

This department replaces the Centre d'Informations Administratives (CIA) that was created in 1996. Its remit includes:

  • developing electronic administration
  • rationalizing administrative procedures
  • assistance with IT project management
  • creating a new Government website
  • developing online administrative documents

Direction Informatique

Replaces the Service Informatique that was created in 1982. As a support department, it aims to:

  • increase the stength of IT tools, websites and information systems
  • improve electronic management of documents
  • modernize procedures

Deux nouvelles directions naissent à Monaco…