Do we really want to demolish the Sporting d'Hiver?

A rough and ready opinion poll says NO!

Nice Matin recently asked readers Are you in favour of the destruction of the Sporting d'Hiver? to which 111 answered positively, but 633 said no. In a poll on the newspaper's website, 85% wanted to save the art deco building.

It's not clear why people want to save the building, although a few weeks ago Michele Dittlot was reported in the same newspaper as saying that if Monaco loses it's heritage, it will become merely a soulless shopping centre. A member of the Conseil National Culture and Heritage Commission, Dittlot has spoken against the demolition since it was first suggested. In May she passionately supported parliament's proposed law to protect heritage. The legislation is currently being studied by the Government, who will reply to the Conseil National by the end of November.

During a June press conference, SBM's plans for the Sporting d'Hiver were discussed, and executives insisted that it would not be renovated if it could not be demolished.

Many of those who aren't swayed by an emotional attachment to the Sporting d'Hiver, must surely be wondering what will happen to Monaco's cinema if the building is demolished. Cinema Director Thierry Trehet is unable to answer. He says that the current projection rooms need modernizing with new equipment and 3D technology, and hopes that if the cinema is re-located, it will remain in the town centre.

For now, the stakeholders are awaiting the Government's decision on the heritage law, taking note that the Government is also a major shareholder of SBM.

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