Continued efforts for Council of Europe

Anne Brasseur is in town to review Monaco's progress in meeting all the requirements for membership of the Council of Europe.

Anne Brasseur : "there's still a lot to do"

Monaco joined the Council of Europe in 2004, and a first review stage was completed in 2009, with the Principality successfully making advances in the status of the judiciary and in fighting money laundering.

A second phase is now under way, with Brasseur mandated to study Monaco's achievements since 2009. She says there's a lot to do:

  • ratifying protocols 1 (property) and 12 (discrimination) of the European Convention of Human Rights
  • changes to cybercrime law
  • ratifying the European Social Charter

However the European representative says that the Principality may not have sufficient resources to make the necessary changes quickly and should ask the Council of Europe for help.