Construction on the Rock for two more years

Drills and explosions shatter the peace of Monaco's Rocher

There are 3 separate construction projects taking place on and under Monaco's famous Rock. First, the roads are being dug up to lay cables and pipes to improve public utilities. It's been ongoing for 3 years and is likely to continue for a further two. Local press Nice Matin gives the reasons the work is taking so long:

  • every year there's a 7 month break for holiday season, since scaffolding puts tourists off
  • work on all utilities' infrastructure is being undertaken, rather than only the gas supply, as originally planned

The final phases of work are in rue Basse and its connecting streets, but all traces of construction will be cleared by 30th March, when the tourist season starts.

Road works for two more years on the Rock

The second major construction project takes place under the Rock, to create emergency evacuation tunnels for pedestrians in the event they have to abandon their cars. At a cost of 14 million euros, the work is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2010.

The Rocher tunnels to be secure by the end of the year

The third and final building site is in the Visitation area and involves excavation work for the new National Council and extension of the current car park, which started in summer 2009. Explosions have been shaking the rock every other day at 12.30 since the beginning of the year. This phase of the construction will be over at the end of March, when work on the foundations and basement will start. The project should be completed by the beginning 2012.

The Visitation construction site