Another loss for UNAM

Roland Marquet followed his brother's lead and resigned from the UNAM party to join the UP this week.

Elected in 2008, he stated his desire was to defend the values of the UPM coalition and continue to contribute to the development of Monaco. However he will do this by joining majority party UP, rather than the R&E opposition. He stressed that his choice was made for political reasons only, based on the desire to better serve the interests of all Monegasques.

Roland Marquet : "my decision is governed by political reasons alone"

The R&E opposition reacted by pointing out the instability of the majority coalition, retaining most criticism for UNAM, which now has just 4 elected members in the National Council. Party President Eric Guazzonne did not wish to be drawn into a public media debate.

National Council controversy: UNAM wants to move on

However R&E issued a further statement today questioning the position of UNAM after losing two of its members.

National Council : the ping pong of statements continue